Facebook Settlement: Protecting User Privacy And Exploring Legal Claims

facebook settlement

As you are searching this, I am guessing that you’ve already heard something about the Facebook settlement.

Facebook along with other social media platforms and the digital realm is taking some serious tolls on our privacy in the digital space.

The Facebook user privacy settlement scene started when several lawsuits were filed against Facebook for sharing user data with third parties in the past few years.

As per this Facebook settlement claim, in case you have used Facebook for any duration between the years 2007 and 2022 in the United States, you can file for the Facebook settlement claim.

But there is a time limit for that, and that was till 24 August 2023.

According to this, Facebook users can claim their share of a whooping of $725 million Facebook privacy settlement. This amount will obviously be offered by the parent company of Facebook, Meta.

Meta has agreed that in December it will settle a case that involves several lawsuits, which are claiming that Facebook is improperly sharing user data to any third parties.

Facebook settlement: The Base

In 2018, the world was rocked by a scandal that revealed how personal data from millions of Facebook users ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica, a British consulting firm involved in Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign.

Fast forward to today, and there’s a chance for you, yes, you, to be part of a settlement that aims to address the fallout from that scandal.

In this in-depth article, we’ll break down the Facebook settlement, who’s eligible, how to claim your share, and what you can expect.

So, let’s dive right in!

The Background Story

Picture this: It’s 2018, and the world is just starting to grapple with the revelation that Cambridge Analytica had accessed personal Facebook data from a staggering 87 million users, most of them residing in the United States.

It was a shockwave that reverberated across the globe and brought into question the way social media giants handle our personal information.

Meta’s Stance and The Settlement

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has consistently maintained that it did not violate any laws. However, they’ve chosen to settle these lawsuits to avoid the uncertainties and costs associated with a trial.

In their own words, it’s in the best interest of their shareholders and the Facebook community. As part of this settlement, Meta has been actively notifying Facebook users about their rights in this case.

Who’s Eligible For The Facebook Settlement?

The good news is that a substantial portion of the American population is eligible to submit claims in this settlement. If you had a Facebook account between May 24, 2007, and December 22, 2022, you are likely eligible.

Even if you’ve long since bid farewell to your Facebook profile, you’re still in the running to receive compensation.

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Claiming Your Share – A Step-By-Step Guide

Claiming your share from the Facebook settlement is simpler than you might think. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Step 1: Visit facebookuserprivacysettlement.com

Head over to the official settlement website, facebookuserprivacysettlement.com, to kickstart your claim.

Step 2: Provide Your Information

The application form will ask for your contact information, including your name, address, and email. Make sure to answer truthfully.

Step 3: Confirm Your Facebook Usage

You’ll be asked whether you lived in the United States and had a Facebook account during any of the relevant years. Honesty is key here.

Step 4: Details of Your Facebook Account

If you deleted your Facebook account, no worries. You’ll need to provide the dates when you were an active user.

Step 5: Identify Your Facebook Account

The form will prompt you to provide one or more identifiers associated with your Facebook account. These could be your email, phone number, or username.

Step 6: Choose Your Payment Method

Lastly, you get to choose how you want to receive your compensation. The options include PayPal, direct deposit, Zelle, a check, Venmo, or a prepaid Mastercard.

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What Amount Can You Expect?

The big question on everyone’s mind: “How much am I going to get?”

Well, that’s a bit of a moving target.

The amount of your settlement payment depends on the number of successful claimants. Administrative costs and other fees will also be subtracted from the settlement pool.

Let’s consider the hypothetical scenario where each qualified Facebook user presents a claim.

In this case, each person would receive a relatively small sum, likely less than $5. Why? Because Facebook’s user base is colossal.

However, keep in mind that not everyone is likely to go through the process of filing a claim. The fewer people who apply, the larger the share for each claimant.

For those who have been loyal Facebook users over the years, there’s a silver lining.

You’ll be awarded points for each month you had an account during the more than 15-year period in question. These points will determine the size of your settlement payout.

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When Will You Get Your Money?

The finish line for this settlement journey is the final approval hearing scheduled for September 7th, just a couple of weeks after the claim submission deadline on August 24, 2023.

According to the settlement website, payments will be circulated as soon as possible, which is pending the count’s final approval and the resolution of any conceivable appeals.

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In Conclusion

The Facebook settlement offers a unique opportunity for users to claim compensation for the mishandling of their personal data.

Whether you’re a current Facebook enthusiast or you left the platform years ago, you have a chance to be part of this historic settlement.

The process is relatively straightforward, and the potential payout, while uncertain, could be a pleasant surprise.

So, don’t miss the deadline, and go claim your share of the Facebook settlement today!

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