New Florida Laws: A Look At Changes in 2024

new florida laws

Just as the New Year flew in, Florida had an opportunity to experience the New Florida Laws.

Laws are never the same. There are always new laws coming in while keeping the old laws as it is or upgrading the older laws. Florida is no different in waves of new Florida law.

The new Florida laws news are all over the place and they have been brought into effect from the 1st of January, 2024.

This article is all about the group containing new laws in Florida that have impacted this particular state in the United States of America.

So keep a close watch on the different laws that include new Florida immigration laws, new Florida gun laws, and more.

New Florida Laws: The Changes & Impact

What is the new law in Florida?

Here are the most important revisions and/or additions in the law book of Florida, USA. take a look at the new laws and hope they are going to impact the existing situations of the Floridians.

Special Persons Registry

SB 784, also referred to as the ‘Protect Our Loved One’s Act,’ under the New Florida Laws, allows local police agencies to create and manage a database known as the ‘Special Persons Registry.’

This registry would include people with developmental or psychological disabilities as well as other disabilities.

Under SB 784, law enforcement agencies would be able to provide specific information from the Special Persons Registry to police officers in certain circumstances.

This is intended to improve interactions between police officers and people with certain conditions, including conditions like autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down syndrome (DS), Alzheimer’s disease (ADL), and dementia-related disorders.

Pretrial Release And Detention

SB 1534 deals with pretrial release and detention. Under this provision, only a judge has the authority to set, reduce, or alter a defendant’s bail.

The bill also requires Florida’s Supreme Court to establish and regularly update a statewide single bail bond schedule that applies to certain offenses.

Additionally, SB 1534 prohibits a local court from setting a lower local bond schedule than the one set by the Supreme Court.

Under the terms of SB 1534, a defendant cannot be released prior to an initial hearing. This includes pretrial release, sex offenders, and repeat felony offenders.

Child Protection Investigations

SB 7056 required the seven counties that conduct child protection investigations to hand over control to the state’s Department of Children and Families (DCF).

The Broward Sheriff’s Office was one of those seven counties. Starting January 1, 2024, DCF will take over all child abuse investigations.

According to SB 7056 of the New Florida Laws, DCF will have access to files and documents. However, certain sheriffs will remain the custodians of certain files and documents.

Campsite Rules Revision

SB 76 updates campsite regulations for Florida residents looking to book a campsite at a state park.

The new rules require the Florida Department of Parks and Recreation (DOTR) to allow residents or nonresidents of the state to make reservations for state park cabins and campsites within certain time frames.

Residents of the state will be able to book campsites at state parks one month before nonresidents as per the Florida new law.

Residents of the state will need to submit proof of residency against the New Florida Laws.

Move Over Law Expansion

HB425, signed by Governor DeSantis, expands the state’s current Move Over Law, which requires drivers to move over for disabled vehicles that are equipped with a hazard light, emergency flares, or signage. The expanded law is designed to reduce the number of road fatalities.

Under the new law, drivers must give at least one lane to disabled vehicles if they are unable to move over. If they can’t, they must slow down by 20 mph. Violators of the law could be fined up to $158.

Florida New Immigration Law

In the previous year, Florida has already gone through the new Florida immigration law. The Senate Bill (SB) 1718 covers a number of policy areas or New Florida Laws directly targeting the Floridians who do not possess documented immigration status. The law was effective from 1st of July, 2023.

Here are the top five things that were included in the SB1718 of 2023 if you have been questioning what is the new immigration law in Florida.

1. Hospitals

Hospitals are prohibited by law from providing information about an individual’s immigration status or denying them treatment.

Starting July 1, 2023, Florida hospitals accepting Medicaid must ask patients and emergency room visitors about their immigration status, but patients can decline. Hospitals report patient numbers and costs to the state.

2. Employment

The law has a significant impact on undocumented workers and their employers. Under SB 1718, undocumented immigrants are subject to a variety of penalties, including a 3rd-degree felony for providing false employment information, as well as penalties for employers who intentionally hire or hire undocumented workers.

Employers with 25 or more employees are required to use a federal E-Verify system (effective July 1, 2024) to verify that new employees are legal residents of the United States.

If an employer fails to use the E-Verify system three times in a two-year period, they will be subject to a $ 1,000 fine, and their business license will be suspended until compliance is achieved.

3. Transportation

The law prohibits the transportation of undocumented immigrants into or out of Florida. Under Florida’s new law, anyone who transports an immigrant into the state is charged with a third-degree felony. Each undocumented immigrant is charged with a different third-degree felony offense.

The policy also exempts transporting within the state, as well as harboring and concealing immigrants. First-time offenders can face up to a five-year prison sentence for transporting an undocumented immigrant. Second-degree felony charges involve transporting five or more immigrants.

4. Local Governments

The law does not prohibit local governments from enacting community identification laws. Starting July 1, community ID programs cannot be funded by local governments, and supporters must find private funding to continue their programs. This restricts existing programs and stops new ones from being created.

5. Driver License

The law has been enacted to invalidate driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants in up to 19 states. Florida’s new law makes it illegal for undocumented immigrants with non-Florida licenses to drive without proof of “lawful presence.” Police will cite you if they find you driving with an expired license. This doesn’t apply to states that have inclusive license laws.

Florida New Gun Law

What is the new gun law in Florida?

A bill has been proposed in regard to a new Florida gun law that is currently in the “Filed” to “Introduced” state as of 9th January 2024. The bill is called Senate Bill 518 and is also known as the “Responsible Gun Ownership Act”.

The bill proposes to require background checks on all persons involved in a firearm sale or other transfer and to require firearm sales or other transfers between unlicensed persons to be conducted through, and processed by, a licensed dealer.

It also specifies requirements for firearm sales or transfers through licensed dealers, provides criminal penalties, and prohibits licensed dealers from selling firearms without trigger locks or gun cases.

As already mentioned, the bill is currently in the committee stage and has not yet been passed into law.

What Is The New Insurance Law In Florida?

House Bill 1213, set to take effect on July 1st, 2024, seeks to amend and improve the requirements for windstorm coverage in Florida.

What Are The New Florida Laws 2024 Breastfeeding?

Florida’s new law expands the state’s rules that allow breastfeeding in any public or private place where mothers are allowed to be. As of January 1st, 2024, all Florida County courthouses must have a designated lactation area for feeding or expressing breastmilk. The designated lactation area cannot be a restroom.

Bottom Line

The news of New Florida Laws or new Florida Laws 2024 update is all over the place and has been passed keeping in mind the safety, quality of service, and justice of the Floridians.

While a lot of changes and stricter actions have been taken for the betterment of Floridians through the Florida new laws, even stricter laws have been imposed in regard to guns and immigration.

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