Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal in The USA?

why are cuban cigars illegal

Cigarettes have long been associated with a certain mystique and charm. While it is now legal for American citizens to consume authentic Cuban cigars, buying and selling Cuban cigars is still illegal. Why are Cuban Cigars illegal in the United States? The reason for this is deeply rooted in the history of cigar smoking.

Let us deeply dive into this legal scenario.

Cuban Cigars And Its Familiarity

A Cuban cigar is a cigar made in Cuba with tobacco grown on the island.

Traditionally considered one of the world’s finest, Cuban cigars are a symbol of the island’s culture and account for almost a quarter of all Cuban exports.

Cuban cigars are considered to be one of the best cigars in the world due to their high quality and unique taste.

Each Cuban cigar box has a unique code under the words Hecho en Cuba and Totalmenta a mano.

This code gives information about the cigar factory.

Cuban cigar boxes also have a factory of origin (FOS) stamp. The FOS stamp indicates the origin of the cigar.

Other unique labels include:

  • Cohiba
  • Habanos
  • Habanos S.A.
  • La Gloria Cubana

Some of Cuba’s most well-known and well-regarded brand names and brands are:

  • Cohiba
  • Montecristo
  • Partagás
  • H. Upmann
  • La Gloria Cubana
  • Hoyo De Monterrey
  • Punch
  • Romeo y Julieta

Some other well-regarded cigar brands formerly produced in Cuba include:

  • Davidoff
  • Dunhill

Both brands ceased production in Cuba in 1991.

If Cuban cigars are so unique and highly sought after, then you might question why are Cuban cigars illegal?

Well, it is solely of the Embargo law or trade Embargo levied on them.

When the United States imposed an embargo on imports of Cuban cigars in 1960, there were problems with maintaining the authenticity of the brand names.

The United States refused to recognize Cuba’s ownership of the relevant trademarks, which led to the production and sale of cigars in other countries (Dominica, Jamaica, etc.) completely unrelated to Cuba’s industry, and large-scale counterfeiting of the more expensive authentic Cuban products.

Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal: Trade Embargo Or Embargo Law Against Cuba

In February 1962, President Kennedy imposed a trade embargo on Cuba to punish the communist regime of Fidel Castro, who took power in 1959 and began seizing private property and assets (including those of cigar companies).

Castro remained a thorn in America’s side. In October 1962, at the height of Cold War tensions, he allowed the Soviets to build missile bases in Cuba capable of striking America.

The United States imposed a blockade on Cuba to stop Soviet ships from bringing in the materials to finish the project.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest the world ever came to nuclear war because of Castro.

The United States made numerous attempts to assassinate him (including one involving poisoned cigars). Some believe that Castro’s henchmen got to JFK before he did.

Regardless, the perception was that this communist dictator was not a friend of the US and that doing business with Cuba would amount to supporting communism (at least in the eyes of U.S. lawmakers).

So, if you have been questioning Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal, probably you have got your answer.

Embargo Lifting: What Is The Future?

Fidel Castro passed away on the 25th of November, 2016. Since then, there have been several changes that have taken place in the relationship between Cuba and the United States.

The Cuban trade embargo is expected to stay in place, even though there are some who are attempting to build a movement to lift the ban.

In fact, the Cuban trade embargo was tightened even further in 2004.

In recent years, President Obama lifted many of Cuba’s travel and financial sanctions against the United States.

Before, Cuban cigars could not be legally purchased or consumed in the United States, even when traveling abroad.

Today, Americans can legally purchase Cuban cigars and give them to family and friends, but they cannot buy and sell Cuban cigars in the United States.

Thus, why are Cuban cigars illegal in the US, states have been the prime thing you ask, it is not completely illegal if you solely possess or give it to your near and dear ones. Illegality comes into action when you try to trade them from the US.

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Final Thoughts

Cuban cigars are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, but their legality outside of Cuba is a complex issue.

The primary reason for their illegality stems from the longstanding trade embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba since the early 1960s. This embargo prohibits the importation of Cuban goods, including cigars, into the US.

Additionally, concerns over the Cuban government’s control of the tobacco industry and allegations of human rights violations have contributed to the ongoing ban.

Despite efforts to normalize diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba in recent years, the embargo remains in place, maintaining the prohibition on Cuban cigars in many countries.

While aficionados may seek out Cuban cigars through various channels, their illegality against why are cuban cigars illegal in America serves as a reminder of the broader political and economic tensions between nations.

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